Our Philosophy

Reduction of the complexity without loss of interdependencies and detail

It must be understood that the complexities of the international transactions are greater than that of the national transactions, therefore, the planning and the implementation of the transaction must have as its target a reduction of the complexity without losing the view of the interdependencies of the individual parts or in the detailed problems.

It is therefore necessary that the individual tasks are processed by the specialists and that the total project management guarantees extensive co-ordination of the process.

Experts in the specialised fields

On the basis of our extensive experience with M&A processes especially in Germany and Spain we have built an international network that includes experts in different countries from all the relevant fields eg: accountants, tax-advisors, lawyers, notaries, special-advisors.

These experts are specialized in the problem solving of national M&A processes. They have also the necessary expertise for international transactions.

Through this international network we are in the position to offer to our clients the entire spectrum of the necessary services required, guaranteeing complete satisfaction for our clients.

Total project management and responsibility

While leaving the total project management, the responsibility for all processes, and the co-ordination of the specialists in our hands, we are therefore always available for our clients on a person to person basis.

Reduction of risk

To keep the risk for our clients as low as possible our honorarium mainly depends on the success of the transaction. This is to say, with the exception of a minimum remuneration, our honorarium will take effect on the completion of the operation. Also, the transaction volume / purchase price is decisive in determining the amount of the honorarium.