Our Services on Offer (2)

The management consulting firm Schrage – Consult can offer solutions necessary to assist in taking this crucial step. On the basis of our work method, (see: Business Philosophy), we offer our customers the following: 

  • Total project Management 

  • Analysis of the target market and identification of possible candidates 

  • Assistance with the decision process and initial contact with the target Business 

  • Transaction of technical due Diligence 

  • Selection of the third parties to solve all legal and fiscal questions and to transact the due Diligence 

  • Preparation of negotiations 

  • Consultation in the process to determine the business value 

  • Arbitration in the purchase / sale negotiations 

  • Advice with the internal and external communication 

  • Management of a post merger project for the realization of the expected synergies 

  • Assistance with the "change management" for the staff and cultural integration